Home Construction Cost Calculator

House Construction Cost Calculator

This is our Home construction cost calculator where you can get an estimate of the per sq ft construction cost you pay to build your home.

This will give you an approximate idea of the cost as the choice of material, finishings, etc. are required to be finalized to determine the exact cost.

To derive the exact cost, we need to understand the location & the size of your plot along with the basement, Stilt, no. of floors, fully covered, semi-covered, and open-to-sky details. Our experts are available to understand your requirements and provide you with the best price. You may call us at 91-80768 50524.

Please note that the price indicated is only an approximate estimate.

At Jade Homes we provide you estimated cost of Home construction based on a ready-to-move-in home where architecture, design, structural, civil engineering, Electrical & plumbing drawings & fixtures, doors & windows, floor & wall tiles, grills & gates, fixed furniture like wardrobes & modular kitchens, finishings, etc. are taken into consideration. For some who would like to avail of selected services like Architecture & design, Structural & Civil Engineering expertise, our home construction cost calculator will not give you the correct estimated cost as it is built for turnkey projects only. You will have to call us or drop a mail at info@jadehomes.in  and we will get back to you immediately with the required estimates.

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Why do you need a Home construction cost calculator:

  •  It helps you get an estimate to plan your budget and finances
  •  You can plan the area in sq. feet of construction you would like to build
  •  Helps you decide if you would like to utilize the entire FAR permissible for your plot or would like to build your home based on your family’s requirements.
  • The Home construction cost calculator helps you in defining costs based on what and how you plan to build your home. It considers the basement, Stilt parking, fully covered area, semi-covered area, and open-to-sky area separately as the cost of home construction varies and cannot be calculated as a standard cost.

Home construction cost estimator is an essential tool provided to prospective customers to get an approximation of the cost and to plan their budget though it is always better to contact the estimation team to get an accurate per square feet cost of the project. Every State or sub-zones have a different FAR and covered area calculation hence getting a generalized estimate may not be very helpful. 

For example, the cost of building an 8000 square feet house in Delhi may be different in Noida because Delhi allows Stilt + 4 floors whereas in Noida, one is allowed to build Stilt + Two & half floors approximately.

House construction cost estimator is like home construction cost calculator because both the tools help you to understand how much you will need to spend to build your house, but it is more designed on standard specifications. There is always going to be add-ons because the calculations may be made with vitrified tiles, no wardrobes, no modular kitchen etc., whereas you may want to use Italian marble, full length walking closet and a fully functional modular kitchen. It is always advised to meet the cost estimation team and inform them of the things you need in your house because only then you will get an accurate estimate.


Beautiful homes start with innovative designs. Our team of experienced architects and designers are skilled at creating custom designs that are as unique as our clients.

Our comprehensive structural drawings ensure that your home stands strong and secure. We meticulously plan and design every element of your home’s structure, ensuring a strong foundation and sturdy construction.

We navigate the complexities of the approval process on your behalf. From drafting the initial blueprints to obtaining the necessary clearances, we streamline the procedure, saving you time and stress.

We are a full-service home construction company. From laying the foundation to the final coat of paint, we oversee every step of the process, ensuring superior quality and timely completion.

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