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The idea of building floor homes on your empty plots or standalone mansions in Delhi is becoming more and more alluring as time goes by. But building a house involves a lot of different things that the average homeowner would never even know about. There are a million little details to take into account, such as performing site studies and soil tests, examining local bylaws, choosing the best design and execution team, creating an efficient work schedule, and budgeting for and choosing materials and fixtures. All of these details need to be carefully planned in order to achieve time and cost savings. Collaborating with diverse groups of independent contractors often involves pursuing various labour sources and avoiding being taken in by independent contractors, consultants, and providers.

A company such as Jade Homes possesses skilled internal design and implementation teams from the nation’s top universities. Together with a 14-month delivery guarantee, they provide complete turnkey project oversight and accountability. Many people assume incorrectly that partnering with a company like this would be highly costly and that their return on investments in properties will fall. This, however, not at all true.

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Jade Home's turnkey collaborations may prove to be less expensive than collaborating with independent small-scale builders and contractors for the following reasons:

Jade Homes has its own internal teams for stand-by design and execution. This guarantees efficient work flow and avoids unexpected expenses such as labour charges, brought on by delays.

We pick up fixtures and materials in large quantities, which lowers the initial cost. In order to secure the best value for money deals, they are also sourced by professionals who are knowledgeable of the market rates for goods and services as well as the quality standards.

We closely monitor the job to ensure that there is as little material waste as possible, saving you money on excess scrap material that you can’t use in your house.

From beginning to end, all material specifications as well as expenses are communicated and accounted for in the mentioned cost. The turnkey project’s total cost is clear and fixed, with no unanticipated price hikes over time.

It is not uncommon to hear stories of contractors building homes that are months behind schedule. Not only does the unhappy client have to pay for those delays, but they also have to pay rent for their temporary accommodation for longer than they had planned. Jade Homes ensures that you never have to suffer through this by providing an unmatched 14-month on-time delivery guarantee from the first day of work.

Positive client feedback is how companies like Jade Homes  want to expand. Thus, you can be certain that they will only apply premium, cost-effective products to reduce issues like moisture, seepage, plaster cracks, and so on.

If your home does not withstand the test of time, it is a worthless long-term investment. Jade Homes uses only premium materials and uses a highly trained workforce to ensure that you have a builder floor house of highest quality with a minimum of maintenance. So work with us and let us handle the execution issues while you just enjoy your ideal home in 14 months.

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