There are several pain points to address before choosing your contractor but the most important amongst them are highlighted below to help you address them easier.

  1. Verifying their Credentials: Most Home Construction Contractors in their initial meetings with you are always willing to listen to your concerns and are prepared to accept them with ready solutions. The immediate focus for the Contractor is to gain confidence in you without finding it important to evaluate if he really has the required solutions to your concern. The primary focus is to get the project. Not many you will find in this field who are willing to lose the opportunity just because he truly knows that he is not equipped to meet your concerns.
  • It is extremely important to walk that extra mile to verify Contractor’s credential.
  • One needs to be sure if his claims are backed by a professional and experienced team who can deliver.
  • A visit to an ongoing project as well as a completed project will be helpful.
  • Meeting the entire team who will be in coordination with you is very important and hence a meeting at the Contractors office will bring clarity in one’s mind.
  • While in the office you can also see 3D views of other projects they have done to understand their levels of creativity in design.

It’s best to feel completely satisfied before taking the Contractor onboard.

  • Similar vision: It is your house being built and hence it’s very important to have a team who can understand your ideas and views. If two of you are not on the same page, it can get extremely difficult for you to bring your ideas on paper. Designing is the first step and you don’t want it going wrong.
  • Price: You may have a clear vision of the house you want to build but finding the right Contractor to build your vision within your budget is equally important. Most Contractors take up a project offering a price that meets what you are prepared to spend but once the process of construction begins, there are add-ons that may come as a surprise to you. It is very important to find a Contractor who is willing to work on no escalation cost except if there is a drastic increase in material cost exceeding a percentage that should be predefined.
  • Quality and workmanship: Most House Construction Contractors follow a fixed method practiced over years in business. Technology in the construction process changes very often and you need to find a contractor who practices new methods of construction. Every Contractor builds homes but there are a few who are constantly improvising in technology, quality standards, and workmanship.

Offering a clean construction is not easy. One must understand the smaller details that flaw the overall construction. Every Contractor assures their client of waterproofing and anti-termite treatment but to bring in the right protection, the whole process needs a professional understanding of soil and surrounding.

Similarly, how does one ensure good workmanship? Most Contractors engage people on daily or weekly wages. None of them are specialized to play a single role nor are they present for the entire duration of the project. For most Contractors, the focus is on engaging Mason`s and labor to complete the daily schedule and when they are not available, the project stops till such time the Contractor can find another team.

When you build your home it is very important for you to appoint Contractors who have their own team of skilled people who understands the finer elements of workmanship and quality of work.

  • Project Management: In the home construction segment, not many Contractors follow a project Management process to evaluate the entire project. In most cases, it’s one or two people either a partner or a proprietor taking decisions and most of their time is spent on labor management and in some cases optimization of procurement. The rest is no more important to them.

But in Project Management there are tangible standards and intangible standards to be followed and assessed which helps in overall coordination and Customer satisfaction. These services are made available by Corporates or professionally managed Contracting Companies where every detail of your project is analyzed and documented making the journey of constructing your home accountable and transparent.

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