We at Jade Homes understand how important it is for anyone to plan to build a home for themselves. It all starts from finding the right location to buy a plot of land. Then a choice needs to be made if you want to apply with the Authority to allocate a plot of land for you or want to buy one from an existing owner. Even before this you need to decide the size of plot you intend to buy or will be suitable for you.

The initial financial planning one goes through is whether the total sum payable will be self-funded or should you go with the installment plan provided by the Authorities. If you have decided to buy a plot of land from an existing owner, applying a loan from a bank will be an option to be contemplated upon if you are not willing to self-fund it completely.

Once you have purchased the plot of land, you go through the process of arranging funds to get the same registered in your name making you the legal owner of your desired plot. In most cases, it`s time to take a break now as a lot of your savings have gone into buying the plot of land.

While you are taking a break, you start planning and dreaming about building your home. You conceptualize a design, imagine your floor plan thinking how your living space will look, where your kitchen and bedrooms will be, how many floors you would like to build. If yours is a joint family, then you may want a separate floor for your parents, one or two for your siblings, and one for yourself. Too many thoughts and too many decisions. While you take these decisions, one thought remains without a definite answer. How much is it going to cost you building your home.

You start asking local contractors and you start getting more confused because everyone has either a different offering to the cost or they go by a standard thumb rule. It doesn’t have a scientific calculation. This is when you start searching to find a reliable costing for your home.

Jade Homes construction Cost calculator is designed to give you a more accurate cost because we understand your FAR, we understand your setbacks, we understand the approximate covered area, semi covered area and open to sky area you can build.

Our construction Cost calculator takes into consideration actual construction cost based on how much it is going to cost you keeping in mind separate cost for each of the above and deriving at an average cost which should be your cost for your home.

We at Jade Homes believe that every customer should have the clarity and transparency hence we say, “ YOUR PROJECT – YOUR CONTROL

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